MARK Resources: Radar Systems Technology

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Principles of High-Resolution Radar examines step-by-step the development of conventional radar resolution theory. Key topics include the capabilities and limits of radar and the details of radar design. (Available from Artech House)

Radar Resolution and Complex-Image Analysis extends the theory to highly resolved man-made targets. The signal processing and analysis methods presented, which utilize the complex image or processor output, form the basis for solving the modern radar problems. (Available from Artech House)

Theory and Practice of Radar Target Identification applies the theory of Complex-Image Analysis to the problem of target identification. The text separately addresses the identification of aircraft, ships, ground vehicles, and spinning targets. Identification from both one-dimensional and two-dimensional data is considered. (Available from Artech House)

CRISP: Complex Radar Image and Signal Processing - Software and User manual provides interactive software that lets you apply the technology of Complex-Image Analysis in solving any radar problem involving high resolution of man-made targets. (Available from Artech House)

Radar Signal Simulation explains how to simulate realistic radar signals that occur at various points in a radar system. It provides a systematic approach to simulating radar signals that recognizes the need for both accuracy and computational efficiency. (Available from Artech House)