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MARK Resources' CRISP (Complex Radar Image and Signal Processing) software lets you quickly apply the technology of Complex-Image Analysis in solving any radar problem involving high resolution of man-made targets. It can be used to form a focused image of a radar target and to measure the locations and characteristics of scatterers on the target, whether the target, the radar, or both are moving. It can also be used with one-dimensional range or Doppler profiles. CRISP contains a user-friendly graphical interface and a built-in help utility.

CRISP exampleFigure: Using CRISP to extract the positions and strengths of two unresolved responses from a cut in the complex image.


CRISP DownloadTo download a demonstration version of the CRISP program (Windows only), click on the CD to the left. The program is contained in a zip file (2.1 MB).

To purchase a copy of CRISP for use on a Windows-based PC, contact Artech House . For more information, or to order a copy of CRISP for another platform, please visit our Contact page.